Serving Selfishly

I always thought serving others is something I would never have to learn how to do academically. I’ve always assumed when the time was appropriate I could as a Christian seamlessly slide into the position of a servant. How wrong I was… Serving is hard work, mentally, emotionally, and physically. No wonder we love to love ourselves, it seems it requires the least amount of work. I’ve learned the basic cause of this struggle is because I view serving others as a means to an end, rather than understanding serving is the end. Why is serving so arduous? Because my reasons for serving is to serve myself, ouch…

Our Lord modeled service for us, not as a means to an end but because Jesus serving others manifested the heart of God for the world to see. Serving is at the center of God’s heart and He proved it through Jesus who is the expression of God in the flesh. In my next post I would like to show the steps I’m learning that lead up to Servanthood.

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