Serving Selfishly pt2

Part one of this post can be read HERE

Servanthood is more than mere acts of service and kind gestures. I don’t have to enter into a relationship with someone to serve them by performing a kind act. But we’re talking about the servanthood Jesus displayed with His men, with those people whom He spent most of His intimate times with. It’s the lives of those spiritual sons and daughters we birth into service for the King, Jesus modeled it, Paul replicated it, and sadly we’ve allowed other models to take the place of it. Servanthood is not another step to a place of higher grandeur, but it is the model Jesus gave us to follow. We call Him Lord, for so He is, but our Lord removed His lordly robe and fashioned it into a servant’s towel and began to wash the disciples feet. Why did He do this? It was the last great lesson before His crucifixion portraying the model His men were to carry out the great commission, like servants and not like lords.

So here is the progression taken from the book I’m reading “Cross-Cultural Servanthood” that leads us to the goal of being a servants.

First is Openness, the same kind of openness God welcomes sinners into grace, and turning them into servants that will manifest His work. Openness requires us to step out of comfort zones and initiate relationships with people that live in different cultural backgrounds. It requires risk taking, stepping out of what we know to be home. Much like what Jesus did taking leave of His heavenly home, learned our ways, and was friends to publicans and sinners.  He was their Serving Missionary.

Second is Acceptance. Before there can be acceptance there must be a measure of openness on our part. Once a person feels they are valued has human beings and valued they will accept you, and thereby trust you.

Thirdly is Trust. Once acceptance as entered into the relationship then people will begin share what is on their heart with you, important information and other issues that only trusted individuals will hear. With this newfound trust, one really has the opportunity to learn from them.

There are three more steps we will consider in the final blog post on servanthood.

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