Weekly Recap

1. Passed out a 100 invites to Chinese students. I’ve rented a room in a coffee shop that can fit 20 people for Bible study.

2. Our Thursday meeting we didn’t have anyone come to the Bible study. The three of us including a Chinese intern spent the hour praying over the school and asking God for an opportunity to preach there.

3. Since the semester is over we will regroup next semester with more flyers and preparation for that university.

4. The Friday night bible study had 6 students, 3 of which were first time Gospel hearers. The night was fruitful and led to other one on one meetings for later in the week.

5. I spend the afternoon today speaking with a young man who is involved in a cult from India. We spent the time discussing the authority of God’s word and Jesus. We scheduled a time next week to begin reading through the Bible.

6. Spent Sunday afternoon with another young man who is very new to the Gospel. I explained the Gospel and the trinity. His questions showed that he understood. Afterwards he came with me to church. We scheduled a time next week to meet again.

7. I’ve been reading “Against Calvinism” lately. The book is downloadable from amazon and comes with audio version. You can increase the speed of the audio book to speed your progress. It’s a very good tool. I plan to write a book review and make a lesson based on the study.

8. Past Post: “Serving Selfishly, Part One, Part Two, Part Three

9. Past Post: “Well Done, Part One, Part Two

10. Considering full time missions? You need to visit the OG Summit.

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