Weekly Recap

1. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home, each person that came represented a person we’ve prayed for to either get saved or join us further in discipleship.

2. We witnessed a powerful thanksgiving service at one of the churches. I’m sure many that came, came for the food, but all witnessed a beautiful display of several young Chinese people being baptized and testifying of the new direction I their life.

3. One particular English corner in the Forestry a University went well this week. We will print out flyers to invite these students to an on-campus Bible study.

4. English corner is a hangout of students who want to speak English. Students enjoy it when foreigners participate. For us it’s effortless way to reach a large audience and invite them to church or Bible study.

5. I witnessed to a Government Official this week. He asked the questions, one of them being, “What’s the special meaning of the cross?” We talked for about 30 minutes about the Bible and the cross.

6. A third Bible study will be beginning at another college, our prayer is for souls to be saved and God’s Word be glorified.

7. Alisha tested positive on her pregnancy test this morning. The whole family is very excited!

8. Of course many decisions will need to be made down the road. We will need to move to find an apartment with an extra bedroom, and decide where the baby will be born.

9. Today I spent the afternoon studying on the coffee shop, sometime conversations with other costumers begin that way. Today I spoke with two ordinary college students that reminded me of the dark truth behind many normal college students here. They knew absolutely nothing about God, Jesus, the Bible, only that the cross is the symbol that is associated with church buildings. This boy and girl represent the untold millions in China who are like them. One does not need to go into the wildernesses of the world looking for unreached people groups, they are here.

10. This week 4 new young people have approached us about studying the bible because of difficulties in their life. We trust that you are jointing us in prayer for their salvation.

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