John & Alisha Walz – Church Planters in Taiwan

Quick History on the Field:

  • Veteran Church Planting missionaries since 2013 in China and Taiwan
  • 2014 My family was arrested and deported from China for attending church services
  • 2014 we relocated to Taiwan.
  • 2015 began new church with Missionaries Jake and Stephanie Taube, “Throne Baptist Church”
  • 2016 independently began our first church plant Compass Baptist Church.
  • 2018 we returned home for furlough to raise support leaving six interns to continue while on furlough.
  • 2020 we returned to the field and started a second church plant in Kaohsiung, “Second Mile Baptist Church”. Intern Sam Huang is currently assistant pastor.
  • 2020 we purchased property for a 4th church plant in Kaohsiung, our first service will be Christmas 2021 Lord Willing. Funds are currently being raised for the last portion of renovations. The third floor is studio room parsonage.
  • 2021 we started a third church plant in Kaohsiung, “Second Birth Baptist Church” . Intern Josh Wong is working with us to grow the church.