John & Alisha Walz – Church Planters in Taiwan

Quick History on the Field:

  • Veteran Church Planting missionaries since 2013 in China and Taiwan
  • 2014 My family was arrested and deported from China for attending church services
  • 2014 we Relocated to Taiwan.
  • 2016 independently began our first church plant Compass Baptist Church.
  • 2018 we returned home for furlough to raise support leaving six interns to continue while on furlough.
  • 2020 November, “Second Mile Baptist Church“. Intern Sam Huang is currently assistant pastor.
  • 2020 we purchased property for a 4th church plant in Kaohsiung, our first service will be Christmas
  • 2021, Spring, we started a third church plant in Kaohsiung, “Second Birth Baptist Church” . Intern Josh Wong is working with us to grow the church.
  • 2021 Fall, Ordained Peyton Lin and Sam Huang to the ministry and turned over the respective churches to their care.
  • 2021 Christmas, 4th Church Plant, “Cross Baptist Church” held its first service