What We Do


Preach the Gospel

We give our lives to announce the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In a modern world we use traditional methods and also seek out new creative ideas to open doors of opportunity to preach the Gospel.

Canvass Areas

Our church plants are situated in densely populated urban areas. We seek to plant a church for every 50,000 households.  This means we strategize to canvass each door with the written Gospel and an invite to services and Bible studies.

Special Events

We are constantly brainstorming new ways to invite people to hear the Gospel message.  People of diversity respond to different things and we want to reach them all of them.  We plan a special event every two months to maintain opportunities to invite the masses.

Home Bible Studies

New converts are often more than happy to host Bible studies in their homes where they might win opportunities to give the Gospel to their family and friends.  These evangelistic Bible studies double as wonderful discipleship opportunities for new converts.

One on One

We use and train others in a systematic approach to presenting the Gospel in one on one situations.  We believe a very high number of Christians are Christians because an individual had taken the time to share Christ with them.

Plant Churches

Model Church

There are many ways to church plant.  We believe an effective way to church plant in urbanized areas is to establish a model church that is used to train future church planters how their churches should operate.  This means those in training spend a great deal of time in the model church learning core values and becoming familiar with the model.

Core Values

We teach and preach the core values of “Be, Do, Serve, Train”.  Our core values are the summary of the New Testament process of the great commission and the pattern of Pauline missionary work.  See our “Vision, Mission, Core Values” page for more explanation of the core values.

Target Areas

Especially in urban areas, we would like to see at least one Gospel preaching church for every 50,000 households.  These means we do research to find these areas and prayerfully consider future church plants and Bible studies in those areas.

Send Planters

Those men who have spent time in the model church and have completed their training will be encouraged to plant churches in the target areas, areas considered to be in high need for the Gospel.

Train Leaders


Much of what we do is spent on this crucial work.  Hundreds and thousands of hours are poured into the investment of young men who are being mentored for the ministry.  We become spiritual fathers to our sons in the Gospel ministry, and personally mentor them to maturity in Christ and to His service.


Future leaders who are being mentored often seamlessly become an intern at the model church.  The internship also covers the training and education a future Pastor or Missionary would need.

Real Experience

After graduation from internship, candidates become assistant Pastors at the model church and gain true experience as they are trusted with all the responsibilities of a full-time Pastor.  After some time, they are expected begin a new work in one of the target areas, or otherwise continue in Gospel ministry in another role.

Train Others

As apart of our core values, training others is what our team will be trained to do until their own churches become models for their church planting vision.  Training others is the element of multiplication in the New Testament pattern for Gospel work.