Weekly Recap

1. Found a few prospect areas this week to start bible studies.

2. An intern, Dongze, is helping me with starting these Bible studies. He will graduate next year and looks forward to becoming an assistant Pastor.

3. Our primary goal with the Bible study is to give the Gospel to all and look for young men who might train with us.

4. The four churches are organizing Christmas carols to visit popular areas of the city.

5. I will be teaching a group tonight how to harmonize their voices.

6. While the groups are singing, another team will be handing out tracts and invites.

7. I spent Thursday afternoon with some young men giving them the gospel, they were both first time hearers. I’m very pleased with their questions and responses.

8. The young men I spent Thursday with have scheduled a time with me next week to sit down with the intern who is teaching me Chinese to have a Bible study.

9. Online Applications for internships to China are online here.

10. Some interns from Australia have arrived in Dalian this week. We will meet them when they come to Harbin with church planter Mark Tolson.

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