Serving Selfishly Pt. 3

This is the final post of Part One and Part Two.

Learning. With trust at the foundation, real learning can begin to take place. A learners attitude reinforces openness and acceptance. Everything up to this point in the process towards servanthood is born from a spirit of humility. Learning from others we’re trying to serve takes all the more humility to ask questions to push us to the next level in the process….

Understanding. Can you really serve someone without understanding them? How important is it to us that Jesus understood our pains, sorrows, and human life? He was open to us, He accepted us, and He understood us. We place our faith in Him not because He won us over with flashy miracles or intelligence, but with His love. We love him because he first loved us.

Servanthood. Jesus understood us and He served us. It was the washing of the disciples feet that reminded them they were not to rule over those they would teach, but to serve them. Why? Because thats what their Master had done. Every step in the process had been a means to an end, except for this step because it is the end, not a means. Serving others because its what Christ did and not as a means to bigger and better things is the model Jesus taught not just with words but with His life. He ransomed His own life for all. Not only did He serve those He came in contact with, but He served us all on the cross. He knows me better than anyone. He has more right to condemn me than anyone, yet He didn’t. He served me.
By serving others the way Christ served us we become the conduits of His grace towards others.

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