Weekly Recap

1. Many of you who have been praying for Leo, he made a profession of faith this week. Over the break he mentioned visiting a dying friend who had no hope. The situation led him to believe on Christ.

2. This week we’ve seen many young people express interest in our 6 week internship program. Perhaps you’re considering this experience yourself!

3. I’ve been collecting my daily writings, sermons, and commentary to compose a resource library. I trust today’s diligence will be able to help future men in the ministry. http://johnwalz.wordpress.com

4. Language school update. I’ve noticed the increasing speed I’m able to keep while translating sermon. If it were not for the occasional difficult word phrase, I would be able to translate in real time!

5. Dongze and Chengqiu are two young men here in the minisrty that are facing difficulty from home. Neither homes are supportive of their desire to be in the ministry full time. Chengqiu has been mandated from his parents to make a decision shortly of which ministry was not a given option. Pray for these young men, loving Jesus just got serious.

6. These Chinese here just celebrated a day to burn gold color paper on the street corners to their dead. The purpose to burn this paper to send their dead the money they need to spend in the afterlife.

7. Our church experienced a strong wave of visitors this week in Church, and trend that has been consistent for many weeks now!

8. Jiapeng is back from holiday, if you remember he received The Lord just before we left China in July. He didn’t come to church right away so I went after him on Monday to share some time with him. We have plans to meet Wednesday study Bible together.

9. Past post: Ministry Schizophrenia

10. Past Post: Getting A Bible While in China

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