Weekly Recap

1. Last Monday, Stephen, one of Chinese pastors, was taken in for questioning after campus police stooped our group from inviting students to church.

2. After a few hours of prayer, Stephen was released in time for lunch! This is the second time Stephen has been detained for Jesus’ sake. There were we visitors at the church on Sunday from that day of evangelism.

3. I was reconnected with Jiapeng after the summer break, though he has yet to come back to church. I pray his faith is sincere and he will continue with baptism and discipleship.

4. We are adding a new question and answers forum to our resource library. The church receives questions weekly from skeptics and new believers. For the sake of our interns, I would like them to have a resource library of these questions and answers as many of these questions will show up again in their own ministries.

5. School as officially begun, we are planning events to invite we students to church this week.

6. We participated in a large English corner at a university. They invited us to help recruit the incoming freshman to join the club. We use theseopportuniiestoinfite students to church without having to be permanently involved.

7. We had several new guests at church this week. I am preaching a series through Romans which also provides me a platform to exercise my new Chinese language abilities that Im gradually learning. I know Im getting through to them as I’ve had guests and church members ask questions about the sermon each week.

8. The cold is really settling in now in Harbin. Just a little too soon for my tastes!

9. Internships and missions trips need time and planning. HERE is the information you need to spend some time with us and personally have a part in ministry here. Reply to this email with your questions.

10. Past Post: The “Calling” to Missionary Service.

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