Weekly Recap

1. This week we met up with our fellow missionary friends the Tolson’s to make a visa run to Korea. These kinds of trips are because the visa requirements that come with certain visas in China and Korea is the cheapest option. We spent time we each other to build the team and encouragement.

2. 48 Americans arrived in Harbin this week. They are here to help make new contacts for the established churches in Harbin. They take part in English corners and cover entire subdivisions with invitations and Gospel tracts.

3. Jake was here for a visit this week. Jake is the senior missionary who is on furlough with his wife Stephanie. We look forward to them bringing back their new little girl they’ve adopted toward the end of the year. It was a privilege to hear Jake teach and learn from his experience.image

4. On the way back from Korea I got the call we all were dreaded to hear. Mom is in her last final days it seems and we have made plans to be with the family for her last days. My mother is a faithful Pastors wife who raised 3 kids all in full time ministry. I’m sitting by her bedside now giving you this update feeling grieved of course but extremely thankful for a Mother the Lord has given us. I hope the blessing I’ve had in my mother will be a blessing to others in the future of our ministry.

5. If you are serious about serving the Lord and are looking for some direction, training, or mentorship, let me point you towards “Our Generation Summit” held in Pigeon Forge, TN.

6. Church plant goals: while Jake was here, we spoke briefly about making a realistic steps towards a new church plant in the spring. With my Mothers passing, we are waiting to set a true target date to see this goal realized. We ask for your prayers towards this effort as it will put a tangible vision ahead of us as we continue learning Chinese, but also as we deal with tough days ahead.

7. Our church in Harbin has a jar full of questions the Chinese ask on a weekly basis. I’ve put together a Q & A forum as a resource for future Pastors. When things get back to normal, we will answer two of these questions a day. We already have enough questions to last us many months at this rate.

8. I taught this week an English corner for 25 students in hopes of making some fresh contacts for our churches and ultimately looking for potential Timothy’s. All the current Chinese pastors were a result of some sort of English activity that allowed us first connect with them.

9. I will certainly keep everyone updated on the situation here with my mother. We intend on staying this time for the family until she has gone to be with the Lord, which looks to be very soon. Our updates will most likely lack details of our weekly doings as while we are in China, but we will keep them timely as we need your prayers.

10. Watch this one minute video of a chorus at one of our churches in Harbin.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Praying the Lord Himself grants you strength in this difficult time…will be in prayer for the whole family… Sister Julie

  2. Thank the Lord we have that blessed hope! We can comfort one another with God’s promises. You and your family will be in my prayers. God bless you at this time. Dianne Cecil

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