Weekly Recap: Hearts are Mourning

1. While making the necessary visa trip to Korea, I got message that mom’s life is down to just a few hours.

2. We left from Korea to come by her bedside. It seems mom’s mental awareness had drastically changed, but she reserved enough strength to be able to talk to us the night we arrived. I’m so thankful The Lord gave her that strength to speak to us that night.

3. It would take another 11 days for mom to eventually pass, which she did peacefully September 30, 2013 at 6:30. We held her hand has she took her final breaths and went to be with The Lord.

4. I thank God for my godly mother who led by example, which made her words all the more influential. She taught Bible verse by verse in her ladies class, saying what the Bible says, and nothing more other than the precious gems of wisdom she has learned through experience. I intend to share her last lesson the Gospel of John, as is with the last chapter unfinished..

5. She was a godly example of a pastor’s wife for over 40 years. Her life was a testimony to the Lord both in the ministry and at home where she loved her children and grandchildren. She was truly the woman of Proverbs 31.

6. We are picking out her casket and tombstone today and making arrangements for Mom’s funeral. I plan to keep Dad company for the next few weeks before we head back to China.

7. We mourn bitterly for mom, yet I am so thankful to The Lord that He has made a way for my mom to escape corruption and death. She is now with Jesus, enjoying His presence forever. Mom’s prized possession on this earth as she constantly reminded us was the Lord’s presence. Mom modeled an intimate relationship with The Lord that in my heart I desperately desire.

8. Jesus was the hero of mom’s life. He was the centerpiece of her story. Satan would discourage us, accusing us of things to cause regret, telling us we didn’t love her enough, or we weren’t good enough sons, daughters, and husband. But it’s not about us, it’s about Him. Jesus is everything to her that we were not. Jesus is her hero and is now eternally satisfied in His presence, and I Praise His name all the more.

9. You may not know my mom, many of you do however, but that’s ok if you don’t. The reason I write this is so that you may know the Hero of mom’s story all the more. Even in this bitter time, I’m awed by the presence of His love. I cannot be angry at God because there is so much to be thankful for and to praise Him for.

10. Thank you for your prayers for our family. We ask The Lord would use this to stir our hearts up to serve and love Him more fervently.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Hearts are Mourning

  1. Praying for you and your family. Having a Godly mom at any time in your life is a true blessing, but especially as a child, it helps form up solid men and families so much!

  2. What a beautiful tribute. Your words minister to me for I lost my husband 10 months ago. Thank you and I will be lifting your family and especially your father up in prayer.

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