Weekly Recap

1. Praise The Lord for the healing of my ankle. It feels better than my other ankle which isn’t broke!

2. We has the task this week to find lodging for 48 visiting Americans. They will be helping us with blitzing areas of Harbin with church invites. It was quite a task to find everything we needed to suit their visa requirements, but we got the job done. They’ll be here next month.

3. This is the kind of trips we encourage your church to make. You can make a difference in a baby church just by coming to China and being friendly with folks on the street. No Chinese speaking ability required. Reply to this email for details.

4. Spent a lot of time this week at a favorite coffee shop this week. We need to satisfy 8 hours of language school each day and much of that times passes in coffee shops. But thankfully my level in the language is able to have meaningful conversations with the guys here. We spent a couple afternoons this week talking bible and talking through hermeneutic issues.

5. I am developing a system if listening resources. I have a graded scale of cartoons and tv episode in Chinese that range from pre-school to news broadcasts. We try to spend an hour a day going through these episode to help our listening skills. I can preach in Chinese well enough, but I’m still scared to death when anybody asks a question!

6. Our churches pastor was not here for this last Sunday so I was asked to take over for Sunday school and the preaching. I taught Sunday school for half hour and preached for 40 minutes all in Chinese. There’s light at the end of the tunnel!

7. Alisha is doing well in her studies, while she doesn’t have the goal to preach for 40 minutes straight she is able to go shopping, order food, and get around on her own without help. She’s doing we’ll and I’m proud of her.

8. I’ve noticed this week that our church has always had at least two or three visitors every week to Sunday services.

9. Bought tickets for South Korea this week. Our visa requires us to the leave the country every three months. South Korea is usually the cheapest option.

10. Past Post: “Serving Selfishly” this is a three part post that I am finishing this week. It look at Servanthood based on the book I’m reading “Cross Cultural Servanthood”

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