Weekly Recap

1. Not my busiest week so far being on crutches. Monday, a day after the ankle break, I was very limited to where we could go, even in the house.

2. Tuesday the interns went to a part of the city I couldn’t make it to, so I spent the afternoon in a coffee shop with Jake, the boy who helped me hop to the hospital. We talked bible for about two hours.

3. I have no idea where the interest level is for Jake, it’s difficult sometimes to read a person personally interesting foreigner and sincere interest in the gospel. Though Jake was very attentive, and ask several questions. I pray The Lord will stir in his heart to visit the church.

4. Alisha is reading books and making observations of how much power she has to influence the ministry here. She’s sharing with me her desire to keep positive while adapting and learning the language. She is right. Many missionaries come home after the first term on the account of never learning the language and attitude towards the culture.

5. Wacky Idea: we had our first church service on a bus. The plan is to try having church on a bus so that we can drive the bus to anywhere in the city to do some fishing and see where people are responding to the Gospel.

6. First service on the bus went well, but we took note of some issues… It was a hot day and we had to doors and windows to run the a/c. Noise from the bus having to run the a/c was uncomfortable during the preaching. We imagine we’ll have the same issues in the winter months.

7. We visited with Mark Tolson this week. He was in for a few days from Dalian. Mark preached Wednesday night, in Chinese of course.

8. An older lady came to church Wednesday that I personally invited the week before. She was the first Chinese to ever ask me about my credentials, where I studied etc.. I also was approached this week by two young men while we were out passing out church invites on the college campus.

9. I can’t believe the healing that has happened to my foot. I have a X-ray of a broken bone, but today, my foot doesn’t hurt and the swellings almost gone, I haven’t used crutches the last two days. Someone out there has been praying for this, thank you!

10. The internship is over, I’m very proud of the interns. I’ve enjoyed answering their questions. Even though they are not my interns, being able to be apart of their training has been wonderful. These guys are going to be the next wave of God’s men in China.

One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. God definitely answers our prayers at Maplewood for your ankle… pleased at your insight into the idea of church on a bus… will continue to keep you all in prayer… Sister Julie

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