Weekly Recap

1. I’ve been having a substitute teacher teaching me Chinese, he made a profession of faith in class this week.

2. Met a missionary from Russia this week, he doesn’t speak English and they have just begun learning Chinese, so communication with him has been difficult. We live in the same community.

3. Met several young men playing a game of basketball this week, got their numbers and numbers to invite them to church and other outings.

4. We have more week left of internship, we’ve noticed these young men improving greatly. Some of them will decide soon whether or not to go full time or not.

5. There have been visitors every Sunday and this Sunday we had a judge and two other local first time visitors due to the inviting people and interns have been doing.

6. Our music abilities are also growing, we added a cello addition to the Sunday morning music. It’s amazing what a couple people can do when they use the talents God gave them.

7. My preaching is getting better. Taught Sunday for a half hour on Romans chapter 3. I had several people ask questions about being “good” and about God’s judgment on “good” people.

8. I broke my ankle Sunday afternoon playing a game of soccer with some guys I was trying to work with earlier this spring. X-Rays showed a fracture in tone of the ankle bones. Doctor said that I shouldn’t walk much for the next 6 weeks.

9. A young man who was there that we had just met that day accompanied me all the way to the hospital. We had to walk there on foot so he help me hop all the way there. I’m sure we’ll have opportunity later to give him the gospel.

10. Mark Tolson, church planter in Dalian is visiting with his intern this week. He wants to give his intern a chance to see the other interns working and preaching.

One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Saw your foot on FB, will be praying for complete healing and for the decisions of the interns. Blessings to you all from WV

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