Weekly Recap, Merry Christmas!

1. Spent the afternoon teaching the gospel to a friend and a friend that he brought with him. I expect to see both of them in church this Sunday.

2. They both come came to church this morning, but they went to the wrong place! Oh no! I got with them again, and they plan to come next week after Christmas!

3. We’ve spent a great deal of time with our church people this week practicing songs and a small nativity play. We hope The Lord will bless the fruit of the labor and the gospel as it goes out.

4. Pray for our single pastors. I know two of them are feeling discouraged about finding a wife that is willing to be a pastors wife. They have options but they also need to learn to deal with normal relationship issues. We’re happy that they look to Alisha and I as good examples of a married couple in full time service.

5. I’ve given tons of updates of our Chinese already, I know, but please keep in mind that our missions philosophy places the utmost importance on language acquisition. We believe the gospel is most effectively presented in their own language. We believe training pastors and being a lifetime mentor for them will require expertise in the language far beyond learning the basics.

6. Alisha is communicating well with the girls coming to church. She regularly meets with girls outside of church for Bible study, awesome!

7. I feel my language learning is like a roller-coaster, sometimes I do well sometime I can’t understand a thing! My sermon that I preached this morning went well however. I’m still fighting to be able to have more freedom to step away from being reliant on scripted notes.

8. Come to China with us! Get your ministry experience here! You will defiantly learn the language! We feel we’ve experienced enough of language school we could teach the principle behind learning any language. We’re not experts, but we have the experience!

9. Please pray for the upcoming plans to visit the country side, away from the cities. Pray that a door would be open for our churches in Harbin to connect with somebody that will open their home to the gospel. I’m asking The Lord, to open a door here to the gospel and perhaps we can make monthly visits and have services out in these farming communities.

10. Lastly, I’m asking someone, a prayer warrior, to get a hold of the altar and ask God to bless the Word here. There are bold activities taking place in this city. Our gospel is not hid, and we have no James Bond attitude towards inviting and preaching the Gosepl. They joy of these young men comes when God blesses their work, we want to see some fruit of our labor that is unexplainable! These Chinese men are sold out and they want to see God bless!

One thought on “Weekly Recap, Merry Christmas!

  1. I will continue to be your prayer warrior and ask the Lord to show Himself in an unexplainable way even this week. God bless the brethren in China!

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