Weekly Recap

1. Spent a great deal of time with the interns each day in their studies. I enjoyed answering questions about what the Bible says.

2. I have a substitute teacher for the next couple of weeks. He isn’t saved. I’ve been given him the gospel by translating gospel messages into Chinese and using Bible readings as he correct my Chinese.

3. I set up a way with Google voice to be able to make calls home for free. I got to talk to mom for a bit through it. It also has a voicemail system that transcribes what someone records through it and sends me an email of the transcription. wow!

4. One of our interns has an unbelieving girlfriend who have been dating for sometime. They came over for dinner and asked directly what they should do. It was another opportunity for her to be confronted with the Gospel, please pray for Lina to be saved.

5. Friday we took a 6 hour bus to another city to lead a youth rally at a government church. They invited one of the Harbin Pastors to come and direct it.

6. I was able to preach at two different churches there, one at the government church and another house church. It was unclear what denomination they were but we preached the gospel and challenged the young men to serve as preachers, training with us in Harbin.

7. Two young men, both seniors in high from the youth rally showed up today at our church on Harbin expressing they wanted to be pastors. They will be joining the rest of the interns for the next 10 days.

8. I have noticeable improvements in my Chinese this week. I was able to preach for 30 minutes in Chinese. Still much to go though.

9. It’s been hard for mom back home, and we know it. It’s always present with us. Praise God and His comely name!

10. We had to go a while this week without privacy, showers, food we’re used to, air conditioner etc… But we knew it would be a test. Just because we know better doesn’t change us from being groomed Americans used to life’s comforts. But it showed us more of our character, and how much we need to rely on Jesus. Trusting Him to change us to His liking more everyday.

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