July Prayer Letter 2011

On the road…full time!
Someone once said, “Courage is fear that says its prayers!” We have cut the cord and are officially in full swing of deputation. We will pray and trust the Lord to meet our needs week in and week out as He has faithfully done thus far. With the opportunity to speak to pastors nearly all week long, it goes without saying that financially our churches are hurting, but apparently God is still in the missionary sending business! We’ve all but two Sunday’s left in the year to account for and we’re really thankful for that.
We were recently at a church this month that was in particular a special blessing to us. Many of you know that my wife grew up on the Indian reservation. This church began supporting the missionary back in the 1980’s who would later lead my wife’s family to the Lord. Praise the Lord, these folks in Ravenswood, WV stayed faithful all these years in their giving and commitment to the Gospel of Christ! Supporting the furtherance of the Gospel is truly the investment of the ages!
While we were attending the Sword of the Lord conference this week, we had the privilege in meeting several outstanding folks who were a great deal of encouragement to us. In the afternoons at Winston-Salem, North Carolina we would take to the streets near a local bus station to cast out our nets. Dozens of folks bowed their knees and asked the Lord to save them. Please be in prayer for all of them, but in particular three boys I was able to lead to the Lord together. We met them in the place where we were having lunch. Their names are Aaron, Reid, and Jason. These boys are headed to Paris Island this weekend! Talk about a divine appointment! I would encourage all those whom read this to learn to be a 2nd nature soul winner!
Your Church
We sincerely desire to be a blessing to you. As our ministry grows and opportunities come it is my heart’s desire to connect with our supporting churches and individuals while we’re on the road and on the mission field in China. As the date gets closer, Lord willing, we wish to sponsor missions trips for Pastors, teens, and college students that you might see and experience the underground church. For churches back in the states, we will record a few baptism services and send the DVD back to those who wish to see it. So let’s stay connected!

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