God is Good!

He has been very good to us in August so far. He’s provided us with a full schedule and plenty of opportunities to share our work. I look around and see how I disorganized I can be, and I know that our progress through deputation has been totally been by the Lord’s hand.  It sure is wonderful to live in grace!  As good as God is and considering the wonders of His grace, I dare not abuse His grace or take it for granted.  Yet the sacrifice of the Son and His shed blood for me constrains me to steel my heart and continue in this labor of love.  Integrity is such a valued virtue of the full-time Christian! So let us run the race with patience and set our affections on things above, our eyes on the author and finisher of our faith, and our faith in the blessed hope!

We’re looking at a full schedule for August, in September we still have some openings in the Ohio and Kentucky area, would you be in prayer for us as we travel.  We’ll trust the Lord to meet our needs we travel and live our lives as testimonies of His goodness to those who put His Kingdom first!

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