Reflecting on the Faith of Hudson Taylor

I’m almost finished with “A Retrospect” of Hudson’s life journey.  I’m reading his book with a critical mind.  Hudson Taylor carries a name that is famous among missionary works to the point that his work is held as a standard for the rest.  Not willing to mirror a man’s ideas, perspective, and experiences, I believe it is necessary to read such works with an open mind, but not neglect prayerful discernment. I greatly admire Hudson Taylor’s faith in trusting the Lord, and prayer that I could possess such a like faith, but even Taylor himself admits at times he may have acted over zealously for the reason of practicing faith.  He recalled a time on the way to China neglecting his “life belt” his mother gave him for the voyage.  He gave it away assuming he would not need it since the Lord has called him to work in China.  Later he assembled many of his things together would float in case of shipwreck.  He concluded it is not outside of faith to use the means ultimately God has provided.

Whenever we say, we are church planting missionaries to China, we always add on the end “..Lord willing”. Because we do not know if we should shipwreck on the journey and find ourselves in a strange country or circumstance.  Yet wherever it is the Lord’s hand may guide us, undoubtedly we’ll find people that need the Lord.

So as I continue to glean from Hudson’s experience, I think it wise to assess the situation prayerfully with the Lord to seek ways that may lead to better outcomes, more efficiency and better equipped to win souls and plant churches. But taking the lessons Hudson has taught me, I now ask the Lord for more ways to exercise my faith, that it may be found true in the prize service of church planting in China.

One thought on “Reflecting on the Faith of Hudson Taylor

  1. I have read that book, as well, and enjoyed it. It shows you alot about his life and how he did missions in China. We all could follow his example and stretch our faith more. Great Post!

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