The Taiwan Ten

5 updates from John
5 updates from Alisha

His: I’m blessed to report that Leo, the young man I baptized just after our arrest has come forward to begin a formal internship at the Branches Church in Harbin. I will be continuing training with him over Skype.

Hers: Language classes have started back up once again and I’m excited to share that my language learning is increasing. My tutor, Amy, speaks no English which forces me to use Chinese and learn quick.

His: “Throne Baptist Church” will Lord willing have its first service on the 28th of this month. Praise God for using us this way after our expulsion from the mainland.

Hers: I have personally made 8 contacts and while be meeting with each girl this week for coffee, volleyball, having our sons meet, and baking banana bread. Please pray the Lord will begin to work in their hearts and they will be open to study the bible.

His: A second church plant follows tentatively for July 2015, Lord willing. Both church plants are great giving opportunities that will lead to people getting the Gospel!

Hers: Every time we head out to meet new people Ian draws a lot of attention. Thus giving us the opportunity to invite people to church or have an one-on-one meeting with them, to personally ask about studying the bible.

His: pray for our Chinese tutors, they are first time hearers of the Gospel. They hear the gospel everyday in class, and are indirectly seeing how God reveals Himself in the Bible verse by verse. We have been invited to their home for dinner this Sunday, presenting us with our first opportunity with them outside of class.

Hers: Dec 21st we will once again have dinner with our tutors family at our house. We will celebrate an early Christmas with Thanksgiving turkey and with all its fixings. During this time we will ask the question about studying the bible with us. They are a Buddhist family.

His: We are working hard each day to fill out 25 personal contacts needed for our first church service. Each team member is responsible for 25 personal invitations before first service begins. All Harbin churches had their start this way, we just pray the Lord will bless the effort.

Hers: Please pray with us in finding a babysitter for Ian.

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