The Taiwan Initiative

The events of our arrests from China have led us on this emotional journey into Taiwan, the republic of China. We plan Lord willing to not waste any time saturating local communities with invitations to our first church service. It is my personal goal within a months time to be holding multiple bible studies in our home or elsewhere. I look forward to sending reports of the first fruits of our ministry.

Set Up Costs

In October, we will begin rolling out plans to canvass doors and saturate media with our church plant initiative. God willing this will be the first church plant of many, but this one will represent the first of our ministry and your investments into Chinese souls. Several of our partners have asked for details of what is needed. These are some suggestions for a tangible way for folks to invest:

Canvassing Materials $430
Media/Advertisement Costs $1800
Chairs/Pews (to seat 100 people) $2000
Chinese Bibles $200
Nursery Furnishings $500
Office Furnishings $400
Children’s Class Furnishings $280
Church Signs $1200
Home Furnishings $2400
Car $19,000
Moped. $300
Plane tickets $3,000

By Faith

We will trust the Lord with whatever we have as we set off on our own next month. Pray with us as we enter into this new exciting work. Here are the break down of some of the needs if you wish to have a part in getting it off the ground.

2 thoughts on “The Taiwan Initiative

  1. Yes for salvation to the people in darkness and in the way to destrion in the fire of Hell and le t us do allthing to save the people from the death and from evelasting apart from God andfrom life, thanks and bless,keijo sweden

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