James Bond Need Not to Apply

The idea of undercover missions, or what I call, “James Bond for Jesus” in China comes from the days of the revolution in China many years ago. However those days are over and times are changing. The political lines between government churches and so called “house” churches are disappearing. Recently we took some seminary interns to Beijing to visit one of these “house churches”, a field trip for future pastors. This technically illegal church enjoys the third floor of an office building in downtown Beijing. One walks in through the doors, you are greeted by smiling faces and professional staff members willing to direct you to a classroom, the auditorium, or even the coffee shop. We estimated over a 1,000 people visit this church on Sunday throughout the multiple services of the day. The Christians we work with here in Harbin will work on their 6th and 7th church plant this summer, of which one of the nine interns now involved in a missionary-led seminary will Lord willing take over these churches. I am not the missionary leading these church plants, so there is no bragging going on here, rather I am sharing with you back home and hopefully that timid missionary in China who is still acting in James Bond mode. The horizon for missions in China excites me and it appears that Lord is preparing answer a lot of prayers concerning His church in China. I personally know and work with Chinese men who are willing to risk being persecuted if need be, but God be thanked, that hasn’t been the case. This all might be different if we were discussing missions in North Korea, but this definitely is not North Korea. These men know that full time ministry is possible because they were taught that it could be done. The most important thing to them was not just the teaching, but the example of God’s man showing them how.

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