Weekly Recap

1. A solid more formal group of interns have formed here in Harbin.

2. These young men have agreed to either give up jobs or future plans to join full time ministry training.

3. They’ve moved in to live in the seminary that Jake began for them. They are 100% in and we praise God for them. These men represent the ministry goals for myself as we move closer to independent ministry. Please pray for these men as they mature into disciples for Christ.

4. Last week, I joined two new English Corners to meet some new faces.

5. These English activities are one of the quickest ways to get in touch with new people we can later give the Gospel to and invite them into a bible study.

6. While our focus is to do our best to learn the language in this next year, we still have goals to build a Sunday school, and disciples one on one a handful of young men.

7. So far the young men I have willing to study with me are: Liu Yang, Wu TeZhou, and Ni XiangShi. Please pray for these men. Also pray that we can get in contact with more young men for bible study.

8. Alisha’s pregnancy is doing well. The baby looks healthy and they believe we’re having a boy. I pray God will give our child a heart for Him at an early age and help us to teach him how to love God.

9. This thursday we will be making trip to Beijing along with the interns to spend time with Jake. We will be discussing a new approach to connecting with more Chinese people with the gospel. We feel door to door yields little to no results but requires much time. So we are looking to try something new next month.

10. This new endeavor will be a bold approach. We hope to rent a large conference area that could potentially sit around 500 people. We believe and so we will try to host a once a month formal seminar where we will preach the gospel.

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