Weekly Recap

1. This as been the first full week being able to work with the lead missionary here.

2. Jake spends every morning until lunch time with his men studying through the Bible verse by verse.

3. This definitely raises the bar for ministry for me. I feel the weight this great challenge to be ready to be on our own within a years time.

4. Our first city survey will be the city of Shenyang, another city here in the north east.

5. I’ve traveled enough in China to learn that one city varies little from the others. We will be looking for practical advantages for setting up a ministry and asking The Lord to burden our hearts especially for this city.

6. My prayer for this year will be to so influence a young man in Harbin that he would consider coming with us to a new city to plant a new work. I have much work to be done in my own heart to achieve such a goal, Lord willing.

7. The afternoons remains our language school time, although we spend more than 8 hours a day using the language in some way.

8. I recommend the book I am reading now “The Trellis and the Vine”. It’s the closest description of the ministry model we follow that I know of.

9. If your are heading towards the ministry, you should definitely consider coming to Harbin to see what God is doing here.

10. Applications can be found online at:
or respond to this email with further questions.

One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Will pray for the people of Shenyang and your survey. Also for the burden of a young man to be trained. God Bless You ALL in Harbin, China

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