October Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and fellow laborers,
Last time I checked September had 30 days in it, but they’ve come and gone! The time has flown by this month! Now
we’re heading into October which is by far our busiest month and a whole lot of driving.
We drove a total this month of 3,743 miles and are currently at 31% of our support raised. Praise the Lord for His
faithfulness in providing for our needs as we travel full time!
In order to reach our target date by the end of summer of next year, that would require an average of 6% of new sup-
port coming in each month. We will continue to trust in the Lord’s timing as there are no short cuts in church plant-
Creation Conference
We took part in an Answers in Genesis Creation Conference at our home church this month. It’s long past due that
parents in our churches arm themselves with the truths of Genesis to combat the lies the public school system feed our
children 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. While our kids are only in church a couple hours a week, it isn’t enough to lay
all responsibility onto the Sunday school teacher to equip our young people with enough to defend their faith in
school. If folks don’t believe the authority of Scriptures in Genesis why would it be any different when it comes to
the Gospels? This is a war for the sake of future generations that we as parents need to be concerned about.
Soul Winning
We saw a good number of professions made this month at the county fair, on visitation, at the Farm Science Review,
and a few salvations during the preaching. I received a call from Arizona this month regarding the young man Pastor
Farris and I led to the Lord in August at the Navajo Truck stop. Turns out this gentleman on the phone was this young
man’s former neighbor who had been praying some time for this man’s salvation! What a blessing and a testimony to
the power of prayer!

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