Dear Friends,

What a great month! August was our first full-time month of deputation and we are
currently at 28% support! We have a full and exciting month ahead of us as we meet with
some great churches and are looking forward to the time of the year when mission
conferences begin and people become burdened for missions!

Navajo Nation

We spent two weeks on the Navajo reservation this month and
got to meet some great people. Pastor Ted Farris, of Grace Navajo
Baptist Church, and I met a young Navajo man working at a truck
stop in Gallup, New Mexico. He grew up in a Baptist Church but
was never shown how to be saved! So in the middle of the restau-
rant with people waiting on their drinks and their checks, this young
man bowed his head and ask the Lord to save his soul! Please
pray for Lane, as he has currently relocated to Arizona, and we trust
that he finds the church down there Pastor recommended him.

As you all know my wife is full blooded Navajo Indian and while on the reservation we had
the opportunity to attended the Indian’s 90th Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial and was that very
interesting and exciting to experience. They performed their traditional dances while in their
traditional dress.


What can I say? Soul-winning still works at the door step! After returning from visitation, we were able to lead a long time neighbor
to the Lord. He grew up Methodist but no one ever explained how Heaven can be certain, and there on his back patio this elderly
man ask the Lord to save his soul. Please pray for Bro. Swaim that we help him find his way into church and especially for his wife
who is very ill and has yet to know the Lord.

Please remember us as we travel, the roads can be long and tiring, but yet the Lord always is faithful to strengthen us as we

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