Twenty-Five in Taiwan

We would like to share with you our vision for planting 25 churches in our city.  This is not an individual effort and one that we are merely apart of.  However our role grows from a desire to train men for the ministry.  Currently I am blessed with 5 men who meet with me everyday, even while on furlough we continue training through video conference.

The principle we work with that led us to a goal of 25 churches is a Bible preaching, Gospel believing church for every 50,000 households.  In our city alone we estimate another 25 churches are needed to fill the voids where the Gospel message needs a witness.  Through the training of the men we have, Lord willing we wish to plant another 2 churches next year, but that number we hope will begin to multiply as their training comes to fruition.

As I mentioned, we are not the only Gospel preaching ministries in Taiwan, but it is my prayer that ours would be a God honoring model for a long term fruitful church planting  ministry.  I believe God desires the Gospel to flourish in Taiwan more than we could ever imagine.  We have already seen two church plants that act as models for future ones, and we are already seeing young men and women surrendering to full time ministry.

Therefore let me encourage you to invest your prayer and encouraging words in these young people.  There is no magic wand that can be waved to equip them, but it will require many hours of sacrifice and training before they have proven themselves worthy to lead a gospel work.  God is faithful and I have already witnessed our young people live lives of self-denial and face persecution in order to be able to serve the Lord with their lives.  They are certainly worthy of our prayers.  They are our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ working in territories hostile to the Christian message. For all of our supporters, I hope you feel a great honor and pride in their growth and the hopeful future the Lord has blessed to be apart of.


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