Intern for Missions in Taiwan

Opportunities are availabe for those entering in missions to gain valuable training experience .  The Walz family will be happy to what we can to make your future ministry start off with the necessary experience and training one needs to make it on the field.  Irreplaceable lessons can only be learned on the job, but  we all approach your training with a systematic program one would expect to see in a formal institution.   I would like to invite our churches and friends to consider the opportunity in front of you.  Many have already benefitted from 6 to 12 month internship before beginning deputation.


Short term missions opportunities are also available for churches who would like to visit and take part of our growing ministry in Taiwan.

For interns our recommendation is to raise 2,000 dollars per month of your internship.  We will set up your accommodations once you arrive.


Once here you may expect to begin language learning.  Perhaps you do not plant to working a Chinese speaking country, but you will learn the principles to communicate effectually in any language within two years.

You will also have ample opportunities in a variety of ways to create meaningful relationships with people who need Jesus.  We will help you use your talents and abilities to reach those who otherwise would remain unreached.

We will also share with you our philosophy of missions. We will answer questions as what to look for in a mission field, where to start, how to start, how to reach people, how to mentor, how to plant multiple churches etc..


So if you are interested, get with your pastor and contact us for more information:

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