Harbin Church Update: New Direction

The decision to deport us has been finalized and we have ten days to leave. Our families are blessed to be kicked out for Jesus’ sake. Our time in Harbin has been profitable in our training towards training men and church planting in cultures outside of own. We are near language independence, confidence in preaching, and capable of hosting bible studies. Being deported from China doesn’t mean we cannot plant churches in other Chinese speaking countries, Taiwan for starters.

Concerning our approach to ministry, there are some things we could change, but boldness to train men and start churches openly isn’t one of them. We’ve seen the results of faithful, bold, and wise preaching of the Gospel. No one on our team sees our expulsion as a failure, but the result of faithfulness to Jesus Christ and the example of biblical missions. I am thankful for their reminders and encouragement through the whole ordeal.

We will spend these last days with the pastors and interns, encouraging them to press on. Jake will make it clear to them he’s not “leaving” them, but will use whatever means necessary to stay connected with them.

After this week is over we may fly to Taiwan to survey five different cities each with populations over 1.5 people. According to statics there are less than 3% Christian population in Taiwan’s 23 million people, that’s a lower percentage than mainland China. During our time there we will finish our last semester of language study and Lord willing begin a new work of church planting and men training there, all the while looking for ways to renter China on a permanent basis.

Lastly, we are planning between two options, one to return to the US for a short time to have the baby and meet a few more new churches, or secondly stay for an extended period of time in Taiwan. I realize that scheduling new meetings maybe impossible for a lot of churches this suddenly, but we weren’t considering on being home under these circumstances. We trust the Lord is orchestrating these event and we’re just along for the ride! Let me know if my family could be a blessing your church in these next few months, we would love to come and share our experience and our burden for the Chinese people.


3 thoughts on “Harbin Church Update: New Direction

  1. Come to Taiwan There are very few independent Baptist missionaries here
    Taipei and Taoyuan are in great needs of missionaries
    2,000,000 in Taoyuan
    3,000,000 in Taipei
    4,000,000 in New Taipei City
    Miaoli no missionaries
    Nanto no missionaries
    Illan No missionaries
    Chaiyi no missionaries
    Pingtung no missionaries

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