Harbin Church Update: Their Words Are Never Final

After a second day of questioning, many of the churches and pastors personal items have yet to be returned. They interrogated Jake and Pastor Steven for another round this morning. Evidenced by the police’s quick elevation of this matter and the detaining of our personal belongings along with our passports, it appears that they intend to deport both myself and Jake’s family.

For those who do not know, Jake Taube has been training men in this city for the last seven years and calls Harbin home. For Jake and his family, deportation would most likely mean not being able to return again to China, and the same goes for myself. While, I have yet to start independently, we too would be barred from returning. This situation has yet to come to a close and while deportation is possible, it still isn’t certain.

Regardless of what the Lord sees fit for us, we trust He will gain all the glory from this. We need prayers asking the Lord for wisdom to answer our interrogators. It seems Jake will have another round with the national security bureau, and I am still waiting to called in from my technical house arrest. We were ordered of course to cancel our Easter celebration that was to take place this Saturday, but surprisingly, the churches themselves were not ordered to cease. So we feel there is something else behind their motives.

Regardless what they say, their word is never final, God’s will always wins. By God’s providence, the interns and pastors have been teaching on persecution in recent studies, and I have begun a personal study on the seven churches in Revelation myself. I personally don’t believe our work here is finished, but if that is the case, we will Lord willing continue to be church planters somewhere in the world where the Gospel isn’t heard. It’s still very possible we will not be deported. I will know more after they call me in again for more questioning.

We get to!

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