Weekly Recap

1. We’re glad to hear that Jake Taube will be coming back with his family. Pray for the. As they make their final preparations to be here by the end of this month. Jake’s wife, Steph, is 7 months pregnant and they have just finalized the option of their first daughter.

2. After Our trip to the village, we all have a burden to find a way to get the gospel out into these farming communities. We will be making considerations on how to effectively do this while making it replicable for the nationals.

3. Jake and I plan to work together for at least a year before we move to independent church planting work.

4. The goals for 2014 are to plant at least two new churches in Harbin.

5. Since house searches are relatively small, pastors need to Pastor at least two churches to be able to work full-time in the ministry.

6. My wife and I signed up for extra classes at a language school for this month. We hope to gain an extra boost in the language before we have our first baby.

7. Our team has been spent responding to several interested parties for our internship or missions trips. If you or your church would be interested in coming please respond to me by email. walzinchina@gmail.com

8. Since we see foreseeing leaving Harbin in the next year, I’ve begun training four other men and how to play the piano for the churches here. We’re also taking opportunity to teach these men about spiritual gifts in the church. I trust that a month from now these men will be able to take my place.

9. My daily Bible and Reading schedule has been working nicely and is very profitable. By the years and, I will have a skin and bones commentary of the entire Bible. And the second year I plan to add more details and edit what I had previously wrote. Lord willing after several years of editing and growth, I will be able to pass along a satisfactory work in Bible commentary. You can read what I have wrote so far here.

10. The Bible study beginning in my apartment building starts tomorrow. I tagged every door from the 5th floor to the 19th floor before my printer gave out. Some men help me by going door to door and posting a flyer in the elevators. The flyers in the elevators where both gone within a couple hours. Please pray for opportunity for the Gospel to be heard and Jesus magnified.

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