Weekly Recap: Back to China

1.  It’s good to be back on Chinese soil, we made it back last Friday and we’ve got lots of work to do. Click here for some valuable information about becoming a missionary in China.

2. I don’t have anything nice to say about Delta on the way here.  Their policies about flying to China has recently cost us money we didn’t intend to spend.

3. After the flight we were greeted by Levi and Thomas, two pastors here in Harbin doing a good job.

4. Levi is hoping to start a church in Daowai, a new part of the city.  I went with him to the Bible study he began.  Pray for this!

5. I’ve discussed with everyone here my plans look to begin a new work here.  We’ll begin by doing some scouting first.

6. So far all the churches are started near colleges, which is wise, but I’d like to look for guys I could train who are already working.

7. My Theological Blog is steadily growing with a number of devotionals, sermons, and audio.

8.  Witnessing to Taxi drives is always fun, but we tried something new this week.  The big snow caused a lot of problems and many people were either stuck on the road or their car was buried in snow drifts.  I had the idea to go and help these people out of their troubles and give them our church brochure after we did.   People were very grateful and took our tract with smiles on their faces.

9.  It’s Holiday season and we’re preparing meals and decorations for a Thanksgiving and Christmas parties to invite some church folks as well as some new friends we’ve encountered.

10.  We’re praying for men to train.  The whole point for us to start churches here is to be able to train men.  Please ask to Lord to bless us with men to train.

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