Weekly Recap

1. While visiting my mother, I traveled this week to Atlanta to spend time with my mentor in the ministry.

2. During my week with him, I asked several questions about his ministry in Peru and what made it what it is today.

3. I also spent time with my other partners in ministry both in China and other mission fields in the world.

4. I became connected with a family of baptist missionaries who often share burdens for prayer, resources for growth, and ministry advice.

5. Also spent one on one time with my friend and partner in China, whom is the senior missionary I am working under.

6. My mother has stage 4 cancer and is now under the care of hospice. I had the difficult task this week to decide whether to stay or return to China. After speaking with family and friends, We will be returning Lord willing to China this Thursday. We covet your prayer for our family.

7. Alisha also spent time with her mother in New Mexico who is undergoing cancer treatments. Our mothers were diagnosed with cancer the same week in March of this year.

8. We took the opportunity to evaluate where we are at this point so early in the ministry. Our goals are still the same and we will be focusing on grounding at least two young Chinese men in the ministry in the upcoming months.

9. I will be preaching more often in Chinese, every week for several minutes. I am working now to produce a series that will take us through Romans. The goal is the be able to preach 45 minutes straight in Chinese after 3 months.

10. The Sunday school class I have been teaching has been in the care of one of the guys we were working with, he has been doing a good job, the opportunity to teach has pushed him to grow greatly.

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