A Moment of Praise

A Moment of Praise

What a depressive state reading parts of the Old Testament can bring! I just finished reading Jeremiah 1- 6, the conflict in The Lord’s heart between His love for Israel and the requirements of His holiness to judge them as sinners.  Even in the mists of priests, teachers, God’s temple and blessing this people could not find one just person among them or in Jerusalem.  The doom written in this book implies the destruction of every soul that sins against God, and it is indeed an overwhelming doom.  What a conflict God bore in his heart in having to punish what He dearly loves.  I will not magnify the fierceness of The Lord above His grace however.  Where sin abounds som His grace reaches farther for those who return to God.  The only true sin that seals this damnation is to reject His grace.  While we mortal humans were and are not able to live our lives acceptable before God, Jesus did.  Man’s best attempts to live for God are read in the pages of the Old Testament, and how pitiful they were!  The best attempts didn’t come close to glorifying God! However, the doom and gloom of our Old Testament failures is matched in equal size of praise,  beauty and honor that belongs to Jesus Christ! Jesus is the God in man, the one appointed to bear the burden of our guilt for all those who believe trusting in Jesus name. The life of Jesus was in man’s eyes an Old Testament mystery but has now been revealed to us as God’s plan from the beginning to make a way for us to be justified from God’s judgment on our lives. Let all those whom seek peace with God come and kneel before Jesus our King and experience the unbridled love of God without the fear of guilt from our sins, past present and future.  There is no sin that God will not forgive in Jesus Christ, save the sin of rejecting His Son.  Praise His name those whom all believe tin the lovely name of Jesus Christ our Lord!

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