Ready! Set! –China!

Tickets? Check!

Visa? Check!

Apartment? Check!

We’re ready to go! Our flight leaves out of New York December 31st, into Shanghai, then onto Harbin.  We thank the Lord for preparing us the last 9 years since my first trip to China and now we enter this exciting time for us. As we prepare to say goodbye, we have room for a couple more meetings with your church.  We have October 24th, November 28th, and December 2nd morning service available.

If your church would like us to visit for one of those dates just contact me at to schedule.
We still have about 15% to raise (about 10 more churches) to meet our church planting budget.
Sign up for our blog for as we plan to post videos of our progress and travels.  We will leave it up to you of how close you would like to follow things happening in China.
Our wish is that some of you will prayerfully consider doing an internship with our team this summer.  We have co-workers that already have developed ministries and house churches that would be excellent learning opportunities, perhaps the life changing experience you’ve been looking for! Contact me for info!

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