Internship with the Local Church

Would you be interested in ministry training while in China?  Consider the following article:

Bible College is great, but let me plant a thought in your mind, or a question I should say:

Do you believe the Lord Jesus equipped the local new testament church with everything it needed to properly equip and train you for the ministry? Do you believe He gave the church everything it needed to reproduce fruitful pastors, missionaries and other full time workers?

If you answer yes to that question, then  you may realize going to college or any other kind of para-church training center is an optional choice, something extra. All you really need is found in what Jesus gave the church to fulfill minisrty training needs.  We believe Jesus fully equipped the church with the abilities to raise its leadership without outside support.

Many folks desiring the full-time career in the ministry seemingly have been hardwired to believe that Bible College is the first step in ministry preparation.  But instead of giving the Christ given honor to train up future leaders of the church to a school or institute, we believe the local church is the biblical choice.  In other words, the body of Christ deserves the honor to train up its people. Note that there are many good Bible colleges that are under the authority of a local church which are an extension of the churches ministry. The local new testament church is a glorious organization, the only organization on the planet to be given the commission to preach the Gospel, baptize believers, and train disciples as well as the leadership of the church.  Believing the church is not equipped to train you in the ministry does not reflect the biblical design.  If we lose faith in the body, we might as well say we’ve lost faith in the Head also to meet ministry needs.

During our internship you will be learning and working with a local new testament church.  Everything you will learn will be demonstrated to you and explained by a mentor step-by-step.  You will be encouraged to ask a lot of questions and facilitate a learning attitude rather than being spoon fed information.  There are no time restrictions or deadlines of which you will be forced to learn concepts, doctrine, and theology.  Rather patient teaching and repitition will be used, no need for late night cramming!  As you progress, more responsibility will be given until we’ve successfully replicated a partner in the ministry.  This is biblical discipleship.

This is not a prideful arrogance in our methods to make you into a fruitful minister, but faith in God’s design to do it totally by grace. We are proud and honored to be part of Christ’s body and His ambition to reach the lost world, reconcile us to God, and transform us to partake in His divine nature.

If you’d like more info about our internships in China, please let us know with the form below:

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