Feb 2012 Deputation Update

Deputation Update
Praise the Lord for His goodness to us, it seems God didn’t get news that the economy is bad. I’m grateful to serve an almighty God, and that His economy isn’t affected by the worlds. Lord willing we will be in China by Dec. perhaps after spending Christmas with our families. I’m sure there are some truck drivers out there reading this that are going to think, “so what”, but since our deputation began last August we’ve put 40,000 miles on our vehicle, and yet the busiest months is still to come. Thank you for your prayers for road safety and a fruitful deputation.

Eric Li
Pray for Eric as he has moved away to the next phase in his life. Yesterday (Feb. 28th) I spent my last day with him as his mentor. We parted
with an unspoken but obvious sadness. I asked him before he left, what last lesson would he like to learn from the Scriptures, and he replied, “How to win souls.” Pray that God uses him to make many disciples for His glory.

We finished January into February with a Mission’s Conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Valparaiso, IN. During this conference Pastor
Allen took us missionaries to go door-to-door. This is the first missions conference I’ve been to with soul-winning on the agenda and I’d like to Thank them for that. Not all times do we get to see the fruit of our labor while going door-to-door, however we met a young man (I guess he was skipping school that day, Praise God!) who we were able to lead to Christ. After the conference we went to China Town in Chicago where we met two young men Luke and Pengfei. Luke walked in the restaurant we were eating at and overheard our conversation in Chinese I was having with the waiter, Pengfei. After talking with Luke for awhile, he bowed his head and asked the Lord to save him. We told Pengfei that Luke just received Christ, and he said in Chinese, “Can you let me believe to?”. We sat down with Pengfei, whom is Buddhist, and showed him the Gospel, no doubt the first time he’s seen it. The conflict in his eyes was obvious as we taught him about sin, the authority of Scripture and the One Who died for him. We left him with a Chinese Bible in his hand praying that he’ll be able to receive the Word that was given him.

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