Deputation Update

Deputation Update
I trust everyone had a wonderful Christ-centered Christmas! We’ve enjoyed the time with our family, but Oh how its come and gone and January is upon us with a busy road schedule. Praise the Lord for our fruitful deputation thus far! We are currently at 36% in our  total support and are looking forward to an end-of-the year departure next year. We’re closing in on the time to prep are our passports and other documents needed for entering the country. Please be in prayer over this situation as we will begin to deal with the Chinese embassy, and the folks in China that are involved in getting us the most stable visa available.

Discipleship & Opportunities For You
This is my brother in Christ “Eric” whom we’ve recently began disicpling. He recently received the Lord as his Savior AND Lord in the past month. He plans to be baptized on New Years Day at our home church here in Logan. He’s from Fuzhou China where many folks from there spend a great deal of money and sacrifice to come the states. Strangely enough nearly ALL the Chinese buffets that I’ve ever been to in the USA are run by folks from this particular city in China. They work hours from 10:30 AM to 10 PM with one day off a week, and only after he clocks off work does Eric have the time to meet with us for discipleship. He’s a young man with a good heart and I trust the Lord will use Him greatly either here or back in China. He will be traveling with me to Warren, Ohio to help deal with the possibility of beginning a new Chinese outreach there. Wherever you are, you probably have a Chinese buffet nearby. Chances are they’re from Fuzhou and their English is minimal. This is a great opportunity for someone to ask the Lord for a burden over these people and offer to teach them English in your home. And yes, you’ll probably have to work around their schedule late in the evening. For step-by-step instruction on how to begin something like this in your home or at church please email me: The rewards of seeing these people come to Christ is enough to make you want to do more for Christ. Eric is the 4th soul come to Christ in this particular restaurant.

Christ’s Birthday
We watched as the kids tore into their presents and gifts as we had Christmas at our parents house Christmas Eve. Apart from a warm sweater or a new outfit for school, most of the presents given were things that we don’t really need, but they were given that the one receiving the gift would be happy to receive “what they really wanted” this year. When the wise men presented their gifts to the Lord, it wasn’t out of necessity to help poor little baby Jesus. But the gifts were to honor Him on his birthday, and like the wise men we wish to honor Christ on His birthday. From the Scriptures I gather there is no other gift more impressive to the Lord than His church.

“That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any
such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish. Ephesians 5:27

When your church takes active steps to plant new churches, go soul-winning, discipleship, support missionaries—you are investing what cheers the heart of Christ the most. There’s nothing more pleasant to His eyes than His church. Don’t neglect Jesus in your gift giving this year!

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