Gamaliel the Pharisee

Acts 5:34-39. I don’t believe I have ever heard a sermon, speech, or conference that has ever mentioned this man. I guess in comparison with the apostles and with everything else that was going on, this man’s nobility can easily go unnoticed and unmentioned. After Christ had risen and ascended the apostles tarried in Jerusalem some days to await the coming of the Holy Spirit, and so the Spirit came. At which time the apostles and especially Peter stood up with boldness and preached messages most people didn’t want to hear. The Gospel indeed is good news for all, but it’s only good news if you accept what it has to say about you. And for the religious leaders the gospel certainly showed them their error. But there stood up a man that can be commended on his wisdom. “Then stood there up one…” His name was Gamaliel, he was well respected Pharisee. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see a few politicians like Gamaliel with the wisdom to recognize God’s handiwork and knows when and what to say when his peers are striving against the Work of God!

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