Deputation: What’s your thoughts?

I thought I’d ask a question maybe some of you might find the interest to leave a comment.  Deputation simply is the act of appoint somebody or group to represent yourself. It’s my desire to be your representative to China.  Considering China holds 1/5 of the world population there just isn’t enough of us getting the message to country who lives in such darkness.  I pray that in the midst of China’s economic developments that they do not become like another Japan who at one time was open to the Gospel of Christ, but now delivered up their souls to the worship of materialism.

Unless your Southern Baptist, deputation is a fact of life.  Some find it enjoyable, others find it mundane at times.  I knew when my heart first burned with the desire to see the Chinese come to the Lord that my day in deputation was coming.  I have mixed feelings about deputation..honestly I want to get to the field, home is where the heart is as they say.  The part I enjoy about deputation is being able to talk to other pastors, learn from their wisdom, and be encouraged by their passions to serve Christ.  And just maybe I’ll find a young man or a young lady who like me wanted to serve Christ but just needed someone to help me make the next step. It’s not an easy business, but it sure is rewarding.

Praise Him from Whom all Blessings Flow!

I Timothy 1:12-16

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